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Guess what? We’re looking for Glass Blowers!

If you have the skills and enjoy making money (who doesn’t?!) then give us a call!

If you have no idea what a crucible is but think you’d like to learn, call, too!  We have apprenticeship programs available.

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  1. Can you tell me if the introductory classes are held during the daytime or on weekends?

    • Hi Virginia –

      The Hot Glass Experience classes are held at a variety of times, including week day afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays. The 4 week introductory course is held weekday afternoons – the next one starts in September.

  2. Hi, just a quick question, are you guys open on july 4th? if so, where can i register for the groupon 90 minute classes and what do these classes consist of?

    I am referring to these classes: https://www.groupon.com/deals/through-the-fire-studios

    there doesnt seem to be a specific date as to when these classes take place so if i could just get that information, everything would be great!


  3. Hi, I’ve called a couple times now but no one seems to pick up. How long will classes be and does the groupon tickets work?

  4. I was looking for an evening activity before school starts. You did not list dates and I am very disappointed. We are too busy during the school year. Will there be any time between now and end of August you will be open? If not, I think I would like to CX my Groupon and request funds back. Could you please list your dates on Groupon? Thank you.

    • Diane –

      We’re sorry to hear this. We can appreciate the need to plan, however it would be quite difficult to list every class date on the Groupon. We do list the classes in the booking calendar on our website ttfglass.com. We are currently shut down for annual maintenance, but have some evening classes Sept 1 and 2 that have space available. If those dates don’t work for you, please email us at info@ttfglass.com and we can help you. Thanks.

  5. Hi J &B. This is Bruce. I rented studio time from you twice. Are you still renting time? Maybe I should take a class too. Let me know. Thanks.

  6. Hello, I have an introductory class scheduled for 9/12/15 at 12:00pm for 3 people. We have another guest that would probably like to attend.Is this a possibility? Thanks! No biggie if not possible.

  7. Hello,

    We saw your site on groupon. I was going to buy one for me and my husband but you have no classes posted for November. We are from New York and visiting Lancaster for Nov 12 weekend. He has been wanting to do this for a while and there are not many classes on long island. Should I not buy the groupon incase their are no classes for that weekend?

    Thanks for your help!

  8. Hi this is Judy Jones – had a class on 9/12 . Had a great time. I have been trying to reach you- left a voice mail and sent email. I would like to set up a time that I could pick up our pieces.

  9. I saw your glassblowing class for 2 on groupon. I really want to buy it for my mom and i but times are not listed. Could you give me an idea on what kinds of times/dates are available? :) thanks;)
    Jenny Nichols

  10. How far in advance do you post your schedule? Looking to buy groupon for a group of us, but seeing as you only have 2 week night classes available for December I’m worried we won’t be able to get a date that works for everyone.

  11. HI folks. I sent an email a few weeks ago and still have not received a response. I had a Groupon that expired for a class for 4. We were unable to use it within the time period because my friend was the primary caretaker for her mother who took an unexpected turn for the worst last winter in her long battle with breast cancer. My friend was so distraught following her passing in June that she was unable to participate in anything like this. I still have the Groupon that has a paid value of $129. Can I use it for anything, can you give us a reprieve on the missed expiration date. Let me know what we can do to take advantage of this opportunity that my friend and our spouses were looking forward to. Thank you.

  12. Hello,
    We have a Groupon for 6. We have not been able to find any availability for weekend classes. Unfortunately, due to different work schedules, we cannot do weekday classes. Can you please publish some weekend dates, so we can book online? Or can you please schedule a class just for us based on our and your availability. Please let us know. Thanks!

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