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**Through the Fire Studios will be going cold from July 12th through August.  The studio and shop will remain open however there will be no classes during this time.  We need a few weeks to perform annual maintenance on the equipment (and, frankly, its SO HOT outside that its really no fun to stand in front of a furnace and blow glass anyway). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our awesome patrons, and look forward to seeing you all back again in September.  Check back often as we will be updating the September and October class schedules soon!**

Guess what? We’re looking for Glass Blowers!

If you have the skills and enjoy making money (who doesn’t?!) then give us a call!

If you have no idea what a crucible is but think you’d like to learn, call, too!  We have apprenticeship programs available.

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Current Exhibit:jkm exhibit

Upcoming Events at TtF Studios

  • Flow and Glow Yoga – coming this fall!

Participate in a gentle yoga practice to find your breath, then use that creative energy to craft one-of-a kind pieces of art with Ben!

12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, just a quick question, are you guys open on july 4th? if so, where can i register for the groupon 90 minute classes and what do these classes consist of?

    I am referring to these classes: https://www.groupon.com/deals/through-the-fire-studios

    there doesnt seem to be a specific date as to when these classes take place so if i could just get that information, everything would be great!


  2. Hi, I’ve called a couple times now but no one seems to pick up. How long will classes be and does the groupon tickets work?

  3. I was looking for an evening activity before school starts. You did not list dates and I am very disappointed. We are too busy during the school year. Will there be any time between now and end of August you will be open? If not, I think I would like to CX my Groupon and request funds back. Could you please list your dates on Groupon? Thank you.

    • Diane –

      We’re sorry to hear this. We can appreciate the need to plan, however it would be quite difficult to list every class date on the Groupon. We do list the classes in the booking calendar on our website ttfglass.com. We are currently shut down for annual maintenance, but have some evening classes Sept 1 and 2 that have space available. If those dates don’t work for you, please email us at info@ttfglass.com and we can help you. Thanks.

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