We at Through the Fire get asked A LOT of questions.  We mean, a lot.  To make it easier on you, check out the answers to some of the favorites below.  If yours isn’t answered here, give us a call or leave a comment and we’ll get back at ya.


Q: What do we get to make during the Glass Experience class?

A: Here’s the best part…you get to choose!  Students taking the Hot Glass Experience can pick from a flower, blown ornament, or “sucky bowl” as their project.  Each item features different techniques from traditional glass blowing and is designed to make sure every one leaves with a piece worthy of the place of honor (you know, on top of the TV).

Q: What do I need to bring with me to a class?

A: We like to have a good time, but its important to be safe, too.  We ask that students bring or wear close-toed shoes, natural fiber clothing (leave the spandex at home, guys!) and a bottle of water.  We do have a sweet selection of stylish safety glasses, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

Q: How often are classes held?

A: For info on the class series, check out our Classes page.  Hot Glass Experience classes are scheduled by appointment, but are usually held weekday evenings or on Saturdays.  If you want to give it a try, check out the Book Now! link to see when classes are happening!

Q: How do I book online if I have a Groupon?

A: Visit  the “Book Online” page.  You’ll be directed to another page to select your class opening.  When you click on the class you’re interested in, another dialog box opens for you to select tickets, date and time.  Right next to the “1) Select Tickets” step is some tiny print that says “Redeem Gift Card/Promo Code”.  If you click that, a little box appears.  You can simply type the word “groupon” in the box and enter the code number in the notes section of the booking. Please note that Groupon deals are only valid for the Glass Experience classes.

Q: Do we get to take the pieces home the same day?

A:  The glass needs time to cool slowly, or “anneal” in shop talk. When the creation comes out of the furnace, its pretty darn hot, and if it cooled to room temperature quickly it will break. So we put the pieces in a giant oven that very, very slowly cools them down. The cooling cycle takes about 8-10 hours, but we usually give it 24 just to be sure its nice and cool. The good thing is that it prevents pieces from breaking, the down side is that you will need to return to the shop the next day or later in the week to pick up your work. If you’re visiting us from out of town, we can ship your piece to you once its cool!

Q: Do you burn yourself a lot?

A: Yes.  But usually the only casualty is our hair. Free haircuts! 🙂


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Penny Blackwell says:

    Would like to give glass blowing class(Es) to husband.

    How can I schedule him and pay ?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Penny – Please visit our Etsy shop to purchase a gift certificate. Then you may schedule using the code provided and the Book Online tab. Thanks!

  2. Janelle Kilburn Manley says:

    I have a Glass Blowing Experience class booked for Saturday AM…..I just recently found out I am pregnant. Is glass blowing safe to do while pregnant?

  3. Kristen Strumsky says:

    My husband and I were given a 90-minute Glass-blowing class for Two Groupon as a holiday gift. It states that it never expires, but the promotional value expires March 10th, 2016. What does this mean? Due to our schedules I have only now just been able to look at your calendar and most of the classes for March occur AFTER the 10th.

    1. Hi Kristen –

      It means that you can still use the Groupon after the expiration date, but you will have to pay the difference between the class price and the promotional value. Send us an email at info@ttfglass.com and we can get you set up. Thanks!

  4. Cheryl says:

    We were thinking of doing this as a family event. Can children attend? How old do they need to be?

    1. Hi Cheryl – There isn’t a minimum age requirement and we have had children as young as 6 participate (with appropriate adult supervision of course!).

  5. Jenn says:

    Is there a minimum age requirement? I would like to bring my 13 year old daughter using the groupon.

    1. Hi Jenn – There isn’t a minimum age requirement and we have had children as young as 6 participate (with appropriate adult supervision of course!).

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